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Fall looks: unimpressed low femme lumberjack.

Fall looks: unimpressed low femme lumberjack.

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don’t tag things like :

  • trigger///
  • trigger2525
  • tw: trigger
  • tw trigger
  • trigger——

tag things like:

  • trigger /
  • trigger 4
  • trigger tw
  • trigger -

the thing you’re tagging must be the first thing in the tags and there must be a space after it
none of the proper tags above will be bookmarked on your blog
excess numbers and slashes will slow down xkit

important information

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HAPPENING NOW (9.24.14): The situation in Ferguson is escalating quickly. Protests continue, following this morning’s burning of a Mike Brown memorial, and another frustrating Ferguson City Council meeting.Looks like the same “antagonize over de-escalate” tactics are back online. Prayers to all those out in the street of Ferguson right now fighting for their right to exist. #staywoke #farfromover (PT IPT IIPT III)  

Bringing back the dogs, choppers, charging the crowd, attempting to bottleneck protesters into an area, AND live shots possible fired into the crowd… what the ever-living fuck is Ferguson PD trying to do?! We’re a month and a half into this saga, and they still don’t know how to de-escalate a situation. Pray y’all. That might be all we got right now.

Don’t let this die.

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Art & Sexuality
Model Paris Williams.
Shot by @jvline

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there’s a website called that can let you look up local public places that aren’t crowded.

just reposting for any of my followers who haven’t seen this! i love you all

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The house by the lake

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the thing i really hate about the u.s. work culture is how you’re basically expected to live/breathe your job

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Stunning Northern Lights Glow Over the Rocky Mountains

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Bye this pigeon has the dolce and gabbana ss15 #look

The flyest birb in the history of birb fashion

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in scotland (by daniel fuchs)


in scotland (by daniel fuchs)