when do we find out who wins the election


Tonight sometime, hopefully. 

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  1. souliberty said: If it is closed, it could be weeks to months. In Ohio, many people have cast provisional ballots that do not get counted for another 10 days.
  2. jenawithonen said: Jesus Christ do people not own the regular Internet? No offense at all Sarah but this just… Ack.
  3. hellobs said: like 11ish. unless theres a scandal. which there already has been. so.
  4. lipstickinfamy said: this time i’m really nervousss!
  5. there-was-a-girl said: I’M SO NERVOUS THIS YEAR
  6. piccolodragonzord said: Ughhhhhh its almost 2am. How am i going to stat awaaaaaaake
  8. ma-aps said: THIS IS A SCARY ELECTION.
  9. headforthebeach said: Polls close at 8, so very soon
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