I’m sitting in class and I’m on tumblr, I don’t usually do this but I’m anxious and it’s making me want to barf and fuck. fuck. 

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  1. b0ybones said: i’ve purposefully put myself in the dark about the election until the final results to try to avoid anxiousness, it’s sort-of working lol
  2. visualalley said: hah oh goodness, that just made me laugh.
  3. krismaryloves said: You’re not alone, m’dear! <3
  4. ohsovirtue said: barfing and fucking are not a good combination, love <3 But seriously, I hope you’re okay :) Everything will be fine.
  5. alice44 said: I am a bit queasy but I think we will be okay — fine actually.
  6. the-funeral-party said: beta’s right… we still have new york and california to count. they’re usually blue.
  7. bettafish-resistance said: Still have a chance with all of the states that haven’t closed polls yet, especially New York. Positive thinking! :D
  8. piccolodragonzord said: Agreed