what happened to your dad?


He died of pancreatic cancer a year and a half ago.

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  1. nikhak said: <3
  2. bloodnmilke said: I’m sorry :c
  3. alaynyala said: My dad died of pancreatic cancer three years ago. When I’m sad about that, or anything else for that matter, I always scroll through your posts because I empathize so much with many of your feelings. Thanks for being you and thanks for sharing.
  4. andyoubirdcansing said: And you’re still strong! My dad passed 11 years ago, and you’re still an inspiration.
  5. thelifeofmal said: My dad died just over four months ago from lung cancer so i know that nobody can say just the right thing but i am sorry for you loss and i think we can both agree that cancer can go to hell!
  6. lackingadequacy said: Has it been a year and a half now? I’ve been following your blog for the past few years then since I feel as though you recently shared your accident… i also feel as though I’ve lived 3 lifetimes today.
  7. kee-ruhhh said: I’m sorry hun thats rough, i lost my grandma to pancreatic cancer a couple years ago
  8. vvanderingsoul said: That is fucking tragic I am so sorry Sarah.
  9. jatilllivet said: I’m so sorry for your loss:/
  10. rushtomadness said: Know that you have an entire support group on just Tumblr alone that is here for you.
  11. undeciided said: rest in paradise
  12. magneticpanda said: <3 i look at things from a science perspective, energy is neither created nor destroyed, so w/e energy he put into loving you never left. Breathe and be, darling.
  13. cinemastroke said: this really made me sad. im so sorry.
  14. pauljacobson said: My Dad also had pancreatic cancer and passed away in 2003.
  15. soulsister-p said: omg I’m so sorry!!!!!
  16. gracesayshi said: :( oh my dear, you just near broke my heart. I hope you’re okay tonight.
  17. saint-nothing said: That’s awful :( I’m sorry
  18. roilblue said: IM SO SORRRRRY:c <3
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